A rash promise from an inactive man

I’m going to publish something ONCE A DAY for the next month on this blog. SHIT. That is going to be a LOT OF PUBLISHING. Some of it will be:

– Stories about living in London!

-Original, scribbly journalism!


-off-the-mark and terrible!

-Photography I have taken of things!

-Other forms of writing that I cannot yet predict!

The internet is a vast conglomeration of garbled images and to that, I shall add my voice, mostly in text, because I am a dinosaur who can only write, and my abilily to produce “content” is pretty limited. I am condemned to be a writer. For this monthlong bloggin work publish-a-post-a-day, I will be paid zero dollars (or pundos or liras), and hopefully some of what I produce will make you laugh, scream, pee, or hate me. If I miss a day, I will have to then post a video of myself doing the dance from the Skibidi song, aka “the nihilist’s macarena.” Today is the fifteenth of October, and on the fifteenth of November, I will either immediately cease this project, or continue less intensely.


  1. Carole said:


  2. kelly Belly said:

    you go, Ernie! We’ll be reading it EVERY DAY! XO

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