As part of our weekend trip to Bulgaria (for visa renewal purposes), we stopped by an abandoned parliamentary building of the old communist days built atop a mountain. “The profits from Bulgaria for an entire year went into building this,” our guide and driver Velin told us. It had snowed the day before, and while walking up to the structure from our car, I could hear the snapping and dripping sounds of the snow melting off the tree branches. Inside, the wind had sculpted ice into feather-like shapes. Velin brought headlamps for all of us and we climbed up a series of 31 ladders in an elevator shaft to the top of a tower next to the UFOish structure, and looked out through a red star window at the mountains below. I don’t know how many of you go to Bulgaria that often but if you do go to Buzludzha because IT’S PRETTY GOOD



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  1. Kelly Zeiner said:

    ern, i love these photos. it does look like a UFO. strange and interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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