tavukları pişirmisim

Hi all. This post will be about maybe the best worst song in the world, "I have cooked the chickens."


The song is from the Black Sea region and is about an anxious man asking his neighbor/lover when he can come over so they can bang. There are many obstacles to their union: her mom, her dad, the dogs, where are the keys. The song takes the form of a call and response. In this video above, we first see some dancing and revelry, followed by the mournful recitative sung by a man in a basement. He clutches his prayer beads and says

"I’m coming over in the evening,

Is your dad there?"

The music picks up, and we see the joyous neighbor at the window, draped in (red!) Christmas lights. She announces that: she has cooked all the chickens, and sent her dad away to the market. Though it’s good news to hear daddy’s out of the house, I was mystified by the inclusion of this whole chicken thing, as they don’t really seem all that sexual of a food. Murat explained though that chickens were pretty lux, only cooked for special occasions. This night is an event.

But the other more pressing reason it doesn’t sound all that sexual is that the song is in a foreign key and scale, one not found in western music, which in this instance sounds like someone is playing a cat the way one might play a violin. It is screechy and sounds almost out-of-tune to our ears.

"It’s a very sexual song," Murat explained.

The next few verses are about sending mom to the neighbor’s, tying up and feeding the dogs, and hiding the key in the window, so the mopey boyfriend can get in the house.

BEST OF ALL, this guy Ferman Toprak just recorded a new version of the song, and his video features women dressed as angel/chickens, bringing the chickens to you.


I can’t decide which version I like better.

  1. DEFINITELY THE SECOND ONE there’s a cooking class for me to learn how to make chicken, jenifer lawrence, a great dane, and the victoria secret runway show. they missed nothing and made every expense to make the second video far superior to the first. it is no contest, ernie.

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