Tibetan new year

according to an article I read on the internet, which is always right, it is Tibetan new year on the 19th. The ten days before Tibetan new year starts is the period when, quote, "all the karma from the last year reaches up and slaps you in the face." This is called: dön season. In these next ten days before the near year, when perhaps your yearly karmic debt is wiped clean (maybe? I didn’t read all that closely) you will be beset with problems. You will feel unbalanced. (don’t walk on ledges!!!!!!!!!!) You will experience logic problems and difficulty with other human beings. The world of objects will flux, the world of emotions will be hella topsy turrrrrrvy.

This is good. I’m almost done with my book, and I had the deadline set for the 15th sort of arbitrarily, but now I have the new deadline: Tibetan new year. I’m on the home stretch for this draft. On the 19th, I will send it to Jon, my volunteer editor, and he will hopefully say YES to it, and I will then distribute the final digital copy to all my Indiegogo contributors and begin the search for a publisher.

To further celebrate this season of karmic imbalance and worldly conflicts, every night for the next ten days, I will be taking between one and three shots of tequila, and writing about conflicts on my blog. They will be world conflicts, my conflicts, stories, observations, etc etc etc. I began this blog as a travel blog, and while I still want to put some travel stories up, I have other things to say too! As a gift to the people who read the trash I put here, I’ll be putting a chapter of the book up so you can get a sense of what it will be like. Though, I imagine my readership and the generous contributors to my travel book project overlap a lot. Anyways. I encourage you all to ride out this sense of imbalance, and indulge. Do too many things. Put yourself in situations where you will fuck up. I think making mistakes is a good part of being alive, because we can all demonstrate our resilience to not dying of shame and give others the opportunity to forgive. I further encourage you to share your own stories of karma misadventures or fuckups on my comments.

Thank you all for reading, and still reading. I wish you all a merry dön season and a happy Tibetan new year. It is the year of the Goat (female) and the element is: Wood. Sounds sexy! (2014 was the male wood horse.) Cheers.

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