We have some cool neighbors. We met them all at the same time, when plumbers were drilling holes into the walls of everyone’s flat in our building. (that’s the long part of the story) On the street were some americans, their baby, and all their worldly possessions. We hung out with them and discovered they’d moved here! To this neighborhood! Because Damien, the guy, was studying turkish literature! And they were waiting for the emlak guy to show up with the keys, and he of course was on turkish time, so they were WAITING. we drank with them on the street for awhile and then met the two artists in the studio on the ground floor, aysegul and nayla, and we all sat around for awhile in the dark.

Across from our block is the Mahatma Cafe, maybe the only vegan place IN THE WHOLE ENORMOUS COUNTRY with colorful wood chairs where this dude Sait cooks food all day long and has a rotating cast of 20-year-old waittresses who dote on him.

Across from that is Leonie, the french girl who showed us around cappadocia two years ago when we first came to turkey, who was living in Goreme making art from meteorites, and who just so happened to move to istanbul across the street from us this week. She now does art therapy classes. COOL

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