the shortest of updates

sorry to drop off the map, everyone. I was busy. 

doing the indiegogo victory dance! horaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!

This means in a few scant months I will have traveled all over the Balkan Peninsula and will be scribing my book about adventures in this area. It will be fun. I hope. 

I’m pretty sick right now. I went to the hospital, which is the only free doctor we have found here. It’s SSK Goztepe, which means “eye hill.” I had a fever of 40 celsius, which my italian roommate told me is “almost dead,” and a tonsil infection, and now I’m reclining at home with lots of strong antibiotics and tv from the internet and my writing. life is pretty good. Getting diagnosed was pretty great. The doctor was in a small room, sitting at a desk. She was doing paperwork. There were some people on cots behind me. She said, “speak turkish?” I said, “evet, I’m learning.” I explained my problems, and she picked up a medical gun thing and held it to my throat. She pulled the trigger. It beeped. “Ohhh,” she said. “Forty.” Then she took a tongue depresser, looked at my throat, said “tonsil infection” and tossed it in the garbage. The whole process took about fifteen seconds. Turkish medical POWER. She was very attractive. All of the doctors and nurses in SSK Goztepe are strangely attractive–I think this is because it is an educational hospital as well, and they’re all still pretty young. 

anyways I’m going to try to write more updates about life here. I hope to write about the saga of anna getting fired from her insane organization of monstrous humans. There are many acts of petty revenge and theft in this story, plus kindergarten. zanyways. woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! funded!!!!! I am excited. 

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  1. Kelly Zeiner said:

    congratulations Ern! Please get better soon. Miss you!

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