some observations and a story


1. turk names all mean things, and they are all hippy names. Seriously. Today I met “rain” and “nature” and “wish.” (Yağmur, Doğa, Dilek).

2. you can get anything delivered. not just pizza: I am eating right now pasta delivered from up the street by a tidy man on a moped, and a few nights ago, Yahya ordered wine and snacks from the corner store. A+, Turkey.

3. bathroom doors are the only doors which lock with a huge wrought iron key. people just leave them in the keyhole, because why on earth would you take the “lock the bathroom” key out of the bathroom except for a funny joke. every other lock is normal. i guess. also, sometimes they’re not even wrought iron. i found one today that was plastic. still locked the bathroom door.


this morning i awoke early after unsettling raki dreams (ra-KUH, the toxic turkish ouzo which turns white when you mix it with water and ice, which you are supposed to do) on the foldout part of a couch because i was moving off yahya’s foldout couch and to the school’s annex, because the house isn’t quite ready yet, but they offered to set me up an air mattress. so the turkish guy comes to get me and recognizes me from last time he collected me from beshiktash ferry terminal and we drive all my luggage and me to the music school and we’re shuffling through this office with luggage and I’m desperately looking for something to eat or maybe some tea or SOMETHING and benal tells me, “oh, you know how I told you you’re meeting a student today, this is actually her first voice lesson.” so I taught a voice lesson. and then there was another student, and so I taught another voice lesson. now I live at the school. musician-in-residence. it’s been sort of a strange day. the school ordered me the delivery pasta. that was nice of them. there is a drum kit, two pianos, and several guitars next to my air mattress. this is actually sort of cool.


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