I just slept for like twelve hours. Yesterday upon landing I trekked across the city to find Yahya’s house, another teacher whom I met in Georgia. There were four other people at his house and we all took the bus to the old city and wandered around to see things. I was so tired and disoriented I remember almost nothing. Here are some floaters:

  • watching lots of street cats eat things
  • a man cracking open walnuts next to his bus with his son next to and giving me and Amelie some fresh walnuts
  • accidentally going into a school library and watching all these turkish people studying things
  • really good lentil soup made by Ahmad, who owned a hostel in Syria with his girlfriend (who booked a four-day stay and ended up there four years)
  • seriously it was great lentil soup
  • watching a kid throw tiny fish to the enormous seagulls on top of the fish market tents, and then a smiling fishmonger demonstrated seagull puppeteering–holding a tiny fish just above the roof, and making the gulls dance for it
  • eating a fried fish sandwich and watching the sun go down over the Bosphorus
  • drinking tea and watching the sun go down over the Bosphorus–we asked Zahid, an Iranian guy with us, if he liked green tea, and he made this unconscious face of total disgust, and said, “no, I don’t” and we all laughed
  • Everything is the same font
  • Wandering around the old city for a long time

Then I slept for like twelve hours. Breakfast time now. 

1 comment
  1. catluvrs said:

    Can you elaborate on this “everything is in the same font” thing? I’m intrigued.

    Also, I want to hear about everything you eat there. Deal?


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