Adventure time

I’ve sort of been keeping the adventures of the last few days sort of bottled up because there is a LOT to process and deal with and I’ve been dealing with it in the usual ways, i.e. dancing and beer and seeing my friends and roaming the earth.

The day I left alaska was Jari’s recital and he played an awesome concert (for the six or seven of you who don’t know, my brother is a professional cellist who makes contemporary classical music accessible to the modern listener who may or may not know anything about contemporary classical music) and the show was just AWESOME. He played debussy and shostakovich (those were the less contemporary dudes) and then a piece called studio which as Jari likes to explain is made of musical palindromes, so that each phrase is the same forwards and backwards, “much like ‘racecar’ or ‘mr. owl ate my metal worm,’ or, erm, there’s another one.” (he said to the crowd of happy people in Guadalupe parish on Wisconsin street.) The Young Artist Alaska Thing Whoopee competition payed him four thousand dollars and he won because in his original recording to them, he said the word “fuck” very loudly when he erred, and then instead had our mother download the correct version without the word “fuck” very loudly, burn it to a CD, and hand it to the head of the YAATW competition board, Juliana Osinchuk. 

Anyways the concert was really great. Then me and Chris and Jari and Matt and Radhika and Libby all borrowed a king size inflatable mattress and rafted across Westchester Lagoon in the middle of the night. Sorry, this is a story that requires some proper rendering and I lack patience and will to do so right now, but it’s a pretty good punchline to borrow a king-sized air mattress and raft it across a lagoon. We were surprised that nobody fell into the lagoon. 

Then I got on a plane and went to seattle and learned a lot. Now I’m going to new york and massachusetts to visit the House of the Undead, and barf I’m just so exhausted.

Also I’m going to turkey. Did I make that public on the blog? I’m going to turkey. Istanbul. To go teach a lot of music to kids. I’m going into this pretty blind but I expect to have a lot of adventures and learn a lot. I’ve also sort of talked about this job a whole hell of a lot and so it is boring for me to summarize, so I’ll make this really really really boring for you. Chalk cabbage traffic analysis darth vader kansas poodles a lame scarf. There. You are now not excited, at all, for a stupid boring job on the other side of the world in a dumb city doing something really extra-lame. Yuck. 

Being in Anchorage was a time of a lot of growth for me. I’ll write about all the things I learned later. REALLY. Today though please be satisfied with these few scramblings. 

Okay! Teshekurler and see ya later world,



  1. As always, Ernie, I cannot wait to hear of your travels. I’ll be waiting patiently for your next entry. Keep scribbling!

  2. catluvrs said:

    Reading this post is consolation for not seeing you before you set off on this next great adventure. You’re manic excitement is so evident. Nice try on that whole being boring thing–you almost got me with cabbage–but I’m anxiously awaiting your posts about Istanbul and your dream job and all!


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