So I’ve been back in Alaska for like a month now. Why? Because I’m going to Turkey, and I needed to make a tub of money to bring over there, and in Alaska, The Land Where Jobs Fall Into Your Hands Like Juicy Juicy Mangoes, a hardscrabble creative type like myself can basically walk right into a tourism company and get a job.

Oh, why am I going to Turkey???????????????????????????????? Two guesses.  And you’re right both times.

I accepted a position with Teachers in Turkey a few months back. After the article hit in Seattle, I entered an elated week of enjoyment, and then, as the laurels drifted further into the past, my victorious body went limp and slipped into an anxious, depressive episode that lasted many weeks. I stayed boxed up in my art-house (Dalyce, my roomie, can testify.) I lost my shitty burger job through negligence, and spent most of the money from the article on coffee, alcohol, food, and…no wait, that was it. Those three things. Rent, I suppose. “Something’s gotta be done,” I said to myself, reclined past 135° on the couch, laptop in lap. “Let’s pick something sort of extreme.” So I signed up for a job in Turkey. It was about a week’s turnaround time from applyment to acceptance. I will be there for ONE WHOLE YEAR. The original plan of being a creative type in Seattle, hustlin’ to get by, turned out to be incredibly difficult; and rather than sink another few years into scraping freelance writing gigs from the bottom of the Craigslist swamp, or pitching stories to newspapers, or finding lame jobs, or w/evs, I just decided to travel again. Everywhere but America is The Land Where Jobs Fall Into Your Hands Like Juicy Juicy Mangoes. I may have to do that year-sinking sometime in the future. Wooooo being an adult and making choices about life and stuff!

Now I’m a twenty-five year old travel agent (no, really) rooming with my mom in Anchorage, AK, werking like a little werk köpek (dog in Turkish), and putting away the pennies to set myself up in yet another place. After Georgia, when Jari and Kelsey and James and I hit Istanbul, I remember it being just the neato-est place I’d ever been, and probably said three or four times, “I should move here someday.” Guess that day is September 1st, 2013.

I have lots of stories about Alaska (and, come to think of it, our travels across turkey, georgia, and armenia, which I never published) and it is a dream to get all those up online so you can read them all. Ernie the little werk kopek is making more effort to share them stories.

In the meaNtime we climbed a lot of mountains.

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