This is what anchorage is like

Back in Anchorage, reading through the Anchorage Daily News, a truly delightful newspaper, when I come across this gem in the editorial page:

“Don’t insult customers by making them opt for English”

If you don’t want to read it, and I truly recommend you do, it’s from a man who’s angry that he has to select English over Spanish on automated phone systems. This letter touched off a nerve, and a few more letters were published (online, mostly) lauding Mr. Orr for speaking his mind.

There’s a temptation to ask, why are these people so offended by being presumed Spanish speakers? And the answer is straightforward: they have enormous assholes. And out of these gargantuan, these planet-sized assholes, come phrases like “multi-culti PC nonsense.”

There are some opinions which just shouldn’t be given due time. “Having the right to an opinion” comes from a galaxy about ten zillion zillion light-years away from  “having a thoughtful, useful, well-informed, or interesting opinion.” This letter brings the perspective of a man who, having spent his life as an “American within America,” has finally realized that other people live here. And he is PISSED.

This letter comes to us from last month–I actually held off publishing this post for awhile, just because I wanted to see if the exchange would go anywhere. Not really though.  The bored editorial staff at ADN did their best. However, no fire, no Sturm, no Drang. Instead he drew out a few other trolls and anti-trolls, and the exchange piddled out after a week or so. I’m more rankled by the inability of the ADN to print something worth reading. The newspaper now has only two sections most days: the Front Page (or, “the moose photobooth”) and Sports (section “B”). On fridays they print four, and on the weekends…wait, they also print four.

At least we have decent comix. A few years ago I sent a properly mad letter to them, typewritten, with plenty of handwritten corrections and wite-out typeovers, bemoaning the more terrible comix they printed (family circus, marmaduke, cathy). Strangely, they never published it.

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