Georgia in Spring is gorgeous. (Giorgi-ous). The mud of Guria has transformed into a green-and-purple paradise. It’s about 70 degrees every day and sunny. I come out on my staircase in the mornings and smell yummy rain, and watch the sun hit the mighty Caucasus. Sorry I don’t have a camera that works. All our bees begin to generate a lot of honey. To extract it, we have an awesome barrel apparatus. We remove the honeycombs, slide them into a holster in the barrel, and then crank it for all it’s worth. The crank spins the combs around and around until the honey flies out by centrifugal force. It oozes down the sides of the barrel, coagulates in the bottom, and then we open the hatch to distribute it. SO MUCH HONEY. Tengo and I had to hold down the barrel while Iamze cranked.

In animal news, a baby cow ran away today. Tengo and I had to run down the street before school to locate him.


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  1. hey ernie I know you’re all cool and in georgia and stuff, and I know a white background with black text is just like paper and retro like vinyl, but duuuuuuuude, it is gonna burn holes in my eyes. and I’m still in america where we have 60 watt bulbs. do you move around by sonar now? is georgia lit by especially brighter than usual torches? how do they write haikus there? speaking of which: I wrote you a haiku

    libby tells me
    you are gay
    spring flowers come

    anyway good to know georgia is fun and has a lot of booze. could be a good setting for a soviet western

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