Georgian Questions

Some things Georgians ask:

1. Do you like Georgia?

2. Do you like Khinkali?

3. Do you like Georgian wine?

4. Do you like Georgian girls? (to men only)

5. Do you like football?

6. Do you like Smoking? (this is Zela only. He is a silly-butt.)

These questions will be asked whether you have known someone for ten seconds in a marshutka, or for two months and it’s in the middle of class, and you say, “why are you asking this now? Are you just trying to get out of writing down the exercise? Because that would be reasonable since, as we have no photocopy machine, you copy these from the board. Or is it because you don’t take your notebook out from your backpack and pretend you don’t have it? Why do you tortue me like this, Zela? You eat my soul. I will eat your head.*”


*This is perhaps why Lela tells me “They not respect you. They think you funny boy.”

1 comment
  1. panoptical said:

    My students ask me:
    “Do you have a wife?”
    “Do you have a sweetheart?”
    “Do you know Shorena Begashvili?”

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