Pony rides

Today I helped Temo and Jamal shovel a giant pile of cow manure into the back of a horse-drawn cart. I’d gone outside to look around the farm, see what people were up to. Iamze had already banished me from the kitchen–no matter how forcefully I insinuate myself into women’s work, both her and Bebia push me away. Babua was putting together something that looked like one of those old-fashioned bug sprayers from a cartoon. “Honey honey!” he shouted at me. (We have bees.)

Anyways, behind the stable, I found Temo, Jamal, and a truly colossal pile of cow shit. A simple cart was latched to an old brown pony. They stopped when they saw me. I grabbed a pitchfork (with a sturdy branch for a handle) and began to help out. We then drove the horse to the middle of the corn field, untied the cart, and upended it. We did this a few times at intervals. I got to ride the horse! “Achu” is go, and “shhh” is stop. Yelling “go left, you crazy animal!” does absolutely nothing.

This pretty much seals it. I will continue to learn the ways of my Georgian family until I become them.  I  will become more foul-smelling as the days progress.

The horse’s name is Squid.

  1. Hi Ho, Squid!
    So awesome that you’re getting a totally different experience than that which you got from your parents! So you’re getting to experience a traditional men’s world. And of course, in the 21st century, how amazing to be dealing with horse-drawn carts!
    Thanks for calling this morning!

  2. Jaz said:

    Remember to shower before comming home….

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