Viva Mexico!

Also I cannot possibly emphasize how hilariously awful these telenovelas are. It’s terrible acting already, plus even WORSE dubbing from the qartveli actors. None of the character names are translated. It’s all Gonzalo and Sebastian and Ricardo. I can sort of catch what’s going on because I can hear the spanish.  This is how I am learning Qartuli. Also, my name at school is Ernesto, because they can’t say Ernie.

Plus corn. Jari actually asked me yesterday, “Are you sure you’re not in mexico?”

I’m planning on heading into Kutaisi tomorrow to hang out with my friends Joe and Anna, who it seems both have kickass schools. I have a slightly less positive impression of my school’s administration/faculty, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I’m trying to withhold judgment, since I’ve literally only been there a day and a half, and maybe just once I should withhold and observe, rather than assuming I’m always right and everyone else is always wrong.



  1. Mzuri said:

    Were you in the Kutaisi McDonald’s at approximately 10:30 this morning?

    It wasn’t a confirmed sighting on the camera.

    • Hahahahahahahahaha yes I was! I was moodily eating a big maki and sipping an americano. I took an excellent weekend trip to visit other TLG folk. Also who is this?

  2. Mzuri said:

    Generally, I just click on the commenter’s linked name and get that worked out.

    But regardless, another TLG colleague and i were in K for the weekend; I was on my way out of McD to catch my marshrutka to return to Rustavi, saw you coming in, and thought, is that the new guy who’s writing that blog that I somehow stumbled on and he had a photo of himself on it somewhere and this guy kind of looks like that guy?

    Sometimes I approach complete strangers and ask if they’re TLG and sometimes I don’t. This was the latter. I’m really enjoying the hell out of your blog.

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