Good corn, Bad corn, Mouse

Scenes from Buknari.


Setting: a goddamn marsh. Snow and cows. Lela, a teacher at Buknari Village School, and Ernie, an intrepid wanderer, are returning from Chokhat’auri. 

LELA “Man have so much freedom. I wish to be a man. I hate my profession. I wish to be singer or actor.”

Ernie almost steps in cow poop.

ERNIE: Rogoraa isa qartulad? (How is it called in Georgian?)

LELA: “Poona.”

They watch a cow pee.

ERNIE: Rogoraa isa qartulad?

LELA: “Pissi.”


Ernie walks into the kitchen. There is a vat on the counter. It is full of cow feet.

ERNIE: Holy shit!

IRENE: Dinner.


The backyard. Ernie wanders outside, looks around, seems lost. He climbs a ladder up to the treehouse. Inside are TEMO, TENGO, and IRENE, sitting among and doing something strange to dried ears of CORN. 

ERNIE: What’s shakin’? Rogoraa khart?

TEMO: What?

ERNIE: What are you doing?

TEMO: What?

ERNIE: Corn.

TEMO: Yes. We are, eh, corn, yes. We are working the corn.

ERNIE: Oh. What for?

TEMO: Mmm, eh, good corn, bad corn.

TEMO twists an ear and a few kernels shell off into a bowl underneath.  He throws the ear on a heap. 

TEMO: Good corn.

He points to the heap of good corn. ERNIE sits down with the three of them and begins to sort the good corn from the bad. A squeak.

TENGO: Mouse!

Work ceases. The four search amidst the unsorted corn and find a partially squashed, but still alive, mouse. 

IRENE: Eeeeee!

ERNIE, using a corn husk as a napkin, picks up the mouse and throws it outside to the ground below. They watch it fall. All laugh and continue sorting corn. Blackout. 


ERNIE and TEMO return home from school to find TENGO standing on a truckbed. He backflips off the truck and lands on the ground, on his feet.

ERNIE: Holy shit!


    • They are ninth graders. They are zesty with life, and also have a zesty village smell. Ewwwwwww

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