the rest of the story is sadly less eventful, though we did nearly get killed in a tunnel. We went towards the church, which is on top of a hill NEXT TO THE PRESIDENTIAL PALACE, which looks exactly like the congress building, except for a glass dome on top. To get across the main drags here, there’s a bunch of convinient little tunnels that run underground. At night, they are pitch black and terrifying, and sometimes there is one lone man waiting in a safety vest at the end of the tunnel, and you’re pretty sure that if you’re not dead by the time you come out of this tunnel, then you will never die.

Then we climbed a huge incline where a bunch of police officers stood every fifty feet. They were not friendly. We walked past them, past the PALACE they were apparently guarding, through some more sketch neighborhoods, and finally found THIS:

The gates were closed but the guy let us in to take a picture. Soooooooooooon shall the insides be explored. “Rinda ghiaa?” I asked him. He held up ten fingers. Opens at 10am tomorrow. Too bad we’re in class all day erry’day. This place is beautiful at night.


  1. Hola amigo soy el español que conociste en el avión. Te deseo todo lo mejor y que disfrutes mucho. Yo ya estoy en casa, repasando mis fotos del viaje, mientras mi esposa esta preparando una fabulosa paella de marisco.
    Dale duro al Ukelele.

    • Pepe! Estoy TAN celoso de su paella, es unos de mis platos favoritos…nunca hubiera pensado que podia usar mi idoma seguda en este parte del mundo.

      Mucho gusto (y QUE RARO) y voy a leer todas a sus aventuras! Mi ukekele dice hola.

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