So here I go

Things are packed. In Oakland with Dad until tomorrow, at which point I go from San Francisco Int’l to NYC to Kiev to Tbilisi. It’s about a [valentine’s] day of transit. In the meantime, Dad and I have been eating many home-cooked mexican delights, incluyendo carnitas y salsa asado.

Last week I wrapped up working for Mike the Pool Man (Pool boy, of course, being a derogatory term, so we operate on Pool Man or Pool Muchacho, or the more grandiose “Hombre de la Alberca”) and I cleaned the last pool I might ever clean in my entire life. Not a bad gig. Work in the sunlight for rich people and their dogs, vacuum underwater dirt, net a whole lot of dead bees. As a going away present, Mike gave me a travel-size UKELELE. This will be turned into an instrument of LEARNING (and of keeping Ernie sane on long long journies.) Karl and Gordana and Annika and Nikolas and I all shared our farewells, and my time in San Diego came to a close. So long, mating seals, so long, bowling, so long, Suessian trees:

No really, Teddy Seuss lived in La Jolla

Return shall I in four or five months, and all wacky ups and downs shall be recorded here. In about 70ish hours I’ll write something from the hotel along the lines of “wait what whaaaaaaaaaaat?”

Thanks to everyone who made this possible and who has filled my life with joy.

Love love love love

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  1. Karen Miller said:

    Hope you have a wonderful and safe adventure!

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