Okay so I did that and now I’m done

And the whole world knows it! I wrote another extremely important blog which made me rich forever here. It was very interesting. I met a lot of really weird people. Here is a list of weird people I met:

1. A man from the DRC named “Prospero” (no relation) who told me about how young men were shitty. “Boys at that age are not responsible. They are crazy. I was with a girl and she would tell me, “do not ejaculate in me!” but I did anyway.”

2. An Italian yoga teacher on vacation around the US who bought me ramen for breakfast in L.A.

3. An entire cross country running team from the outskirts of Chicago, who were traveling to Albuquerque to compete (INCIDENTALLY the origins of the name “Albuquerque come from uhhhhhhhh something in Arabic, like Al-Quadaffi or Al-Jolson or something like that. The above Italian woman told me about it and then I forgot because DAMN LOOK AT THEM TATAS)

4. A real Yeti

5. Bruce Springsteen

6. Bruce Wintersadult

7. Bruce Summerstoddler

8. Dumbledore

9. Anyways, the point is I went on a trip and learned a lot that I otherwise would not know. Right? Right. We’re all in agreement here. Let’s bounce, chicas. (“Hell yeah, big papa!” Aight here we go.)

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