The adventure begins.

So here’s the plan, everyone in the world. On Thursday, October 20th, I will be in NYC to meet with the protesters of the Occupy Wall St movement. Currently, I am in San Diego. I plan to GUESS WHAT road-trip north to Seattle, visiting some of the major protest zones on the west coast before hopping on an eastward-bound plane. Every town I stop in will get its own post full of enjoyable stories and photos, and each post will be brimming with mischievous youthful wit. Also during the course of this trip, I plan for my ego to metastasize into a kind of narcissistic cancer, and will utterly give into any (completely understandable!) urges towards self-aggrandizement while I traverse “America” and learn about “The American Dream.” Here is me with a candle at the San Diego protests. Hi Ernie!

feeaaaaaaaaaar the liiiiiiightttt

Anyways. Tomorrow before embarking on this modern-day Kerou-wacky adventure I’ll write about my evening at the San Diego protests. Fun stuff.



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